Monday, July 2, 2012

Idaho Falls issues 'boil order' following water pressure drop

The city of Idaho Falls issued a “boil order” Monday afternoon for a large section of the city following the failure of a piece of equipment and a drop in water pressure over the weekend.

Residents on the city's northeast side are being instructed to boil any tap water before they drink it, brush their teeth or wash their dishes. Or they can use bottled water in the 24 hours the order is expected to be in effect. The order affects residents in the following areas:
• North of Anderson and Higham Streets between the Snake River and North Holmes Avenue
• North of 1st Street between Holmes Avenue and Woodruff Avenue
• North of East 17th Street between Woodruff Avenue and 25th East (Hitt Road), including the Woodbridge and Ivan's Acres Subdivisions

Here is a link to the map on the city's Web site: http://www.idahofallsidaho.gov/wwwroot/userfiles/files/pw/boil_water_advisory.pdf

City spokesman Brad Huerta said they don't know whether water quality was affected following the mechanical failure of a component responsible for water system communication and control. The boil order is precautionary because a drop in pressure could allow contamination to enter the system through backflow, backpressure or back-siphonage, he said.

Idaho Falls' water supply is chlorinated to help protect against contamination. City personnel were taking samples Monday to test the quality of the drinking water.

For more information about the order or to ask if it is in effect in your area, please contact the
Idaho Falls Water Department at 208-612-8471or visit www. http://www.idahofallsidaho.gov.