Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Rocknak's opening Postal Service shipping center

Brian Rocknak of Rocknak's Hardware
Rocknak's Hardware will be opening a U.S. Postal Service mail and shipping center in its store. When that will happen is a good question, but they hope it will be in time for the holiday rush.

Idaho Falls' west side has been without such a location since Walker's closed in the spring. Brian Rocknak said the USPS approached several businesses in the area, and that he and his father, Dave, decided it made good business sense, as it would bring more people in the door.

The contract was signed in October, and they are now waiting for fixtures and training from the Postal Service. They plan to be hiring three people to help out, he said.

A west side retail mainstay since 1996, when Dave Rocknak bought Jones Hardware, Rocknak's has carved out a niche for itself on a few different fronts. "This is the best year we have had since we opened the new store in 2005," Brian Rocknak said.

Right now, their hottest selling item is .22-caliber shells. "For some reason, everybody else is having a hard time getting them, but we've got a few sources and have been able to keep them in stock, he said.

Also, the store's special focus on bird seed and bird feeders has made it a destination for a lot of people in the areas. "I never thought it would be that big a part of our business, but it has," he said.