Thursday, December 3, 2015

Casper, Kirkham make list for Idaho Business Review's top 50 women in business

Rebecca Casper
Every year the Idaho Business Review takes nominations for its 50-name Women of the Year list. Usually there are two or three from this area who make it, and this year is no exception.

Dana Kirkham
The two finalists this year are Rebecca Noah Casper, mayor of Idaho Falls, and Dana Boothe Kirkham, mayor of Ammon. I can't argue with their selection. Considering how shaky relations have been in the past between the two cities, it's to their credit that they and their respective city councils have managed to work with each other on the widening of Hitt Road and the signal at 25th Street and Hitt.

Still, one wonders whether more nominations from this side of the state might result in a list less Ada-centric. It's something to keep in mind for next fall, but in the meantime, here is the IBR story that moved Wednesday.