Monday, March 14, 2016

Rizo's Pizza coming to Teton Spectrum

Owner Jaime Rhoda says he hopes to have Rizo's Pizza in Ammon open by early June.
We've had several questions about the free-standing building going up in the Teton Spectrum parking lot, on Eagle Drive. Although we reported on it in December when the building plans were filed with the city of Ammon, this is the home of Rizo’s Pizza. It's always good to remember that not everyone is hanging on our every word.

Owner and developer Jaime Rhoda said he hopes to have the restaurant open by early June. The plan calls for a 1,250-square foot dining area and a 553-square foot kitchen. Rizo’s will feature fire-baked pizza and specialty salads. “It’s thin-crust pizza made on demand, coming in two sizes. It’s made very fast, only three or four minutes,” Rhoda said.

He described the design concept for the restaurant as fast casual and patterned after Chipotle. “Overall it’s a really neat concept,” he said. “The price points are really good, and with two different sizes, the kids get what they want and the parents get what they want, too.”