Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Garden Gate Nursery welcomes new generation

Rigby's Garden Gate Nursery
Garden Gate Nursery of Rigby is about to see a “changing of the guard,” as longtime owners Gary and Prudy Gneiting prepare for retirement.

The Gneitings were looking at closing up altogether when their son Alan and his wife, Krista, bother Rigby High School graduates, decided to return from Boulder City, Nev., to take over the family business.

Garden Gate Nursery dates back to 1966, when Blaine Lundquist built his first greenhouse. The business had changed hands twice when Prudy Gneiting stopped by in the spring of 1998 to buy some planting soil. She and her husband ended up buying the nursery and were also able to purchase property east of the nursery, where they expanded the greenhouse and added a modern storefront facing the Annis Highway.

It is the only nursery in Rigby and is a popular place in spring and early summer.

Former high school sweethearts who were married in 1996, Alan and Krista Gneiting have lived in Boulder City for the past eight years, where Alan was involved in mining and excavation. Gary and Prudy Gneiting have agreed to help with the nursery until their children have learned all aspects of the business.

For more information regarding Garden Gate Nursery, call (208) 760­0711 or visit the Web site, Gardengaterigby.com