Tuesday, February 21, 2017

I.F. building permits applications start accumulating

We know a lot of you check in here to find out what sort of development is going on. With the weather warming up and the snow going away we expect to have more to tell in the coming days.

In the meantime, here is a list of commercial building permits application recorded by the city of Idaho Falls Building Department since the beginning of the year.

COM17-0003: INL Energy Services Lab overhead door removal and infill, 750 University Boulevard
COM17-0004: Sunnyside Place Memory Care Renovation, 3400 South 5th West
COM17-0005: Remodel and wall relocation, 2110 Rollandet Avenue
COM17-0006: Earl Building Iteris Office remodel, 525 North Park Avenue
COM17-0007: Advance Home Care Remodel, 2100 Niagara Street
COM17-0008: EIRMC Imaging Center Remodel, 2860 Channing Way, Unit 123
COM17-0010: TMO L700 Monopole remodel, 325 Briggs Street
COM17-0011: NewU Salon, 1,664 square-foot addition, 2048 E. 17th Street
COM17-0012: Zoo breakroom remodel, 460 Rogers Street
COM17-0014: Dr. Bitter office remodel, 749 Oxford Drive
COM17-0015: Buildout of additional EROB offices, 2525 Fremont Avenue
COM17-0016: B&G Tire remodel to add interior filing room, 265 Northgate Mile
COM17-0018: Parking garage for hospital expansion, 2325 Coronado Street
COM17-0019: HVAC remodel, 2075 North Boulevard

No, we don't know why there are gaps in the numbering. We can ask, if it's important to you.