Thursday, November 30, 2017

Contractor Condos offers shop space for rent

Contractor Condos, off South Yellowstone, at Burggraf Way and Heritage Lane. This photo was posted Sunday on their Facebook page.
Developer Casey Jackman's original plan was to build storage units, but when he noticed how many units were being used by contractors and subcontractors he decided to turn them into shops by adding power and heat. As a result, Contractor Condos is going up at the intersection of Burggraf Way and Heritage Lane, off South Yellowstone Highway.

Jackman's company, CJI Properties, is nearing completion on six 20-foot by 40-foot units. Another five are to be built in spring 2018.

Each unit is 20-by-40 feet, with a 14-foot overhead door and an 18-foot ceiling. The units feature plenty of electrical outlets. The development is served by a communal restroom. There is easy access to Interstate 15, and for deliveries the grounds have room for semi-tractor access.

Monthly rents start at $500 per unit for tenants willing to sign a lease for a year or longer. For information, call Jackman at 208-709-2317. The Facebook page can be found at:

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