Thursday, December 21, 2017

Correction, clarification on Monday's hospital story

The headline on Monday’s story about a new 88-bed hospital on Coronado Street was in error. The $65 million facility will not be an expansion of Mountain View Hospital but a new hospital to be called Idaho Falls Community Hospital. The Birmingham, Ala., company mentioned in the story owns the real estate, not the business. Mountain View Hospital is jointly owned by a group of eastern Idaho physicians and a company out of Nashville, Tenn., called Surgery Partners LLC.

As a footnote, Idaho Falls Community Hospital is an interesting choice for a name, since that was what Idaho Falls’ Sacred Heart Hospital on South Boulevard was renamed in the 1969. It later became Parkview Hospital, when Intermountain Health Care and Idaho Falls Community Hospital formed Idaho Falls Consolidated Hospitals. After Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center came into being in the mid-1980s, the 1941 landmark across from Tautphaus Park, built by the Franciscan Order of Perpetual Adoration, was torn down and proceeds from the sale of the land were used to form the basis of the CHC Foundation. The land on which a new Idaho Falls Community Hospital had been planned at one time was donated to the city of Idaho Falls and developed into Community Park.


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