Friday, December 15, 2017

INL carbon capture technology gets attention from Clean Technica

Researchers at Idaho National Laboratory have developed an efficient process for turning captured carbon dioxide into syngas, a material that can be used to make fuels and chemicals.
Capturing and sequestering carbon from industrial processes has been a daunting proposition, but Idaho National Laboratory researchers in the Energy Environment Science & Technology directorate have come up with a new carbon capture system that could provide a path forward.

Here's a link to a story posted today in Clean Technica, a leading cleantech news and analysis website, about research into clean energy being done at INL: The Long, Slow Death Of Carbon Capture & Sequestration (Hello, Carbon Recycling!)

The scientific paper, principally written by INL chemical engineer Luis Diaz-Aldana -- Electrochemical production of syngas from CO2 captured in switchable polarity solvents -- has just been published in Royal Society of Chemistry’s Green Chemistry journal.