Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Dutch Bros. building second Idaho Falls location

A second Dutch Bros. Coffee is in the works for Idaho Falls, at 830 E. 17th Street, where Wendy’s used to be.

The city of Idaho Falls Building Department approved the permit application on Monday from Adam Garcia of HB Architecture in Nampa. The owner is listed as Kyle Cooper of Needles Eye Holding, a company located in Eagle. The building will be 2,335 square feet, and the permit application gives an estimated value of $550,000.

This is obviously going to be some cause of excitement for you BizMojo Idaho readers. When I posted about the first Dutch Bros., which is going up on Woodruff Avenue where Sarah’s Candy Cottage used to be, the response made me wonder if Russian bots had suddenly taken an interest in my humble, hyperlocal online business updater. As of this morning, the counter on my stats page shows there have been 62,667 page views for that post alone (since its inception in September 2011, BizMojo has logged 1.3 million page views, in case you’re interested.)

Anyway, there you have it: Dutch Bros. No. 2. I've actually been waiting for this, since a tipster told me in November that this would be happening, but corporate types are tight lipped and I don't want to go reporting something before there is official verification.


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