Monday, November 16, 2020

For the Love of Powersports | Brandon & Brittany Quinton, H2O Industries

Brandon and Brittany Quinton of H20 Industries
Brandon Quinton got into free-standing jet skis after having a 4-wheeler accident. With a wife and new baby he felt the sport was too risky, so he sold his 4-wheelers. He needed an outlet for his energy, however, so he turned it toward stand-up jet skiing, much like motocross freestyle.

After falling in love with the sport, he saw there was room for improvement with some of the aftermarket products. “Initially I was just riding and it wasn't enough adrenaline, so I moved into the aftermarket jet skis and wanted to do more aerial tricks and stuff which then introduced me to the idea that there's no cover options for these guys,” he said.

One idea for improvement was an electric conversion for the jet ski to increase instant power. It was an expensive venture, so he decided to start with something smaller and build up. That's when he began making covers. “Let's take business plan A and change it to business plan B and do the covers,” he said.

Starting out, he took his idea to a local canvas shop where they made the first cover and also created a pattern for him to make one on his own. Once they got it right, his wife, Brittany. encouraged him to make the cover and take it to market. She has turned out to be a perfect partner, taking care of the finances and acting as a sounding board. Quinton admits that she has brought forward good ideas that he wouldn't have thought of on his own. They do all this with three small kids, each just about one year apart in age.

“The market in Idaho is budding. You're starting to see more stand up jet skis,” he said. It plays naturally into the backcountry snow machine riders, since they can ride the jet ski in the summer when their sleds are put away.

Brandon admits he has no problem talking to people and the collaborations he has made have been from reaching out. “I want to see the sport grow. I'm all about helping the sport grow. I've pushed locally, getting people to ride jet skis,” he said. As a result of developing his knowledge base, people now come to him when they have questions.

In stand up jet skiing, there are competitions where money and prizes are won and there are all ages that compete. H2O Industries even sponsors professional riders that are from Idaho.

Earlier this year they partnered with a company that made the covers, but due to COVID-19 that business shut down. Brandon got word while he was driving home from a vacation with his family.

“By the time I got home, I'd made the decision I was taking my engine out of my jet ski, selling it, selling the rest of the covers, and buying an industrial sewing machine,” he said. He now owns two, and just moved into a new space where he sews the covers himself.

“I have a tendency to overcome whatever issues come my way,” he said.

Quinton's personal life has presented him with challenges over the years and demonstrated his level of tenacity. Growing up, he had to navigate his parents' divorce and the challenge of ADHD, which caused him challenges in school. To cope, it helped to find work where he's able to focus. “If I set tiny goals for myself, I work until that goal is done and then move on. It's the most efficient way for me to go through life,” he said. Still, learning that came only with time.

When he was 18 he was homeless from November through February, living in his vehicle. Some days he had to retreat to a public bathroom hand-dryer for heat. Wrong choices led to him being incarcerated over the course of seven years.

“It was awful," he said. "I finished (my) parole term and then worked. Work is what really got me through it all. While I was in there I had a lot of time for self-introspection.”

The time he served was a catalyst for him to change his core beliefs from failure to success. “It taught me a lot about myself -- when I got out I was different,” he said.

The future for H2O Industries has expanded to include snowmachine covers, with covers for high-end exotic cars to follow. When asked what advice he has for others interested in self-employment, Quinton says do market research and go for it. “Do it better and show people you can do it better," he said. "Just because you're small town doesn't mean you have to stay small town with your ambitions. It's not a small town anymore, because everyone's connected.”


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