Tuesday, January 5, 2021

First Idaho Falls building permit of 2021 filed

Newspapers used to salute the first baby born in the new year with gifts contributed by local businesses -- toys, clothing, diapers, supplies, even savings bonds. It was a cute practice, and one I kind of miss.

In that spirit, BizMojo Idaho would like to salute the first Idaho Falls building permit of 2021. I wish I could say it was some grand new project: Trader Joe's, Dunkin' Donuts, In-N-Out Burger, but alas, it is far more humble. The first building permit, COM21-0001, is for a basement remodel at 1165 Canal Avenue. The applicant is 3D Siding and the owner is listed at Phil Henrie of Ammon. The permit description reads: "Adding additional unit in basement of existing duplex." The job value is estimated at $0 and the total fees charged amounted to $70.

Rest assured that when a big commercial project does rear its head we will be on the lookout. And no, it doesn't look like In-N-Out or Dunkin' will be in the area anytime soon, based on these stories in BoiseDev.com:

In-N-Out Burger sets plan for Boise, but it will be a while still  

IKEA? In-N-Out? Dunkin’? A crystal ball look at when the area could get some big names