Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Taste of Idaho poster offers Costco hint

A Taste of Idaho is Thursday evening, and I'd encourage anyone who likes food, sunshine and music to head down to Snake River Landing between 6 and 9 to experience the magic.

I'm posting the poster, however, because I noticed Costco Wholesale among the sponsors' logos at the bottom. You may read into this whatever you choose. If there is any news, I expect it to break next week while I am on the East Coast visiting my mother. This is what happened with Olive Garden. I got a call on my cell phone about it while I was on the ski lift at Grand Targhee during spring break.


  1. I heard months ago that Costco is moving into Idaho Falls on the Westside...possibly at Snake River Landing.

  2. The probable sponsorship is from the Pocatello Costco.

  3. I heard Costco was going to Rexburg. Seems like there are a lot of rumors or something going on about the location.