Wednesday, September 5, 2012

BizMojo Idaho marks first birthday

Today marks the first anniversary of my first post on this blog. Without a doubt there has been a learning curve, but overall I can say I'm very pleased with how it's gone and the acceptance BizMojo Idaho has gotten.

Since Blogger offers stats, here are a few numbers:

Total pageviews: 60,546

Best Month
August 2012: 9,018 page views

Most Read Posts
Best Carl's Jr. plans to open in Idaho Falls (12/9/11): 1,135
Second Idaho Falls Carl's Jr. opening (2/16/12): 787
Fourth of July preview story (6/20/12): 485
Story on the late Galen Bush, efforts to help his family (1/17/12): 386
Scoop on Celt Pub (4/25/12): 361

Most of the traffic on this page comes from Google, which I'm sure is why the Carl's Jr. stories have gotten the largest number of pageviews.

Then there is Facebook, on which I share everything I post here. When I started out, I was picking and choosing blog entries to share. In December, I decided I would share everything, because people on Facebook decide what's important by sharing it themselves. I saw a sharp increase in readership after that.

A year ago I had little idea of what I was doing with this other than resurrecting the old weekly column I used to write for the paper and adapting it to a continuous on-line format. I've scored some scoops (always gratifying) and goofed a few times (never a happy occasion). I've got some ideas about what I want to do in the coming year, but for now I've got a few trees to shake.

All the best!