Friday, September 28, 2012

Gold's Gym plan to remodel TSR still on hold

The plans at the city of Ammon building department office for Gold's Gym in the old TSR building.
We stopped by the city of Ammon building department office this morning to see what sort of action might be happening (not much) and to ask if there were any new developments with Gold's Gym.

Bob Roberts, who operates the Gold's Gym in Twin Falls as well as here, filed plans with Ammon in March 2011 to remodel the TSR building at 2363 Eagle Drive. Since then, there has been little action.

Our efforts to reach Roberts today were unsuccessful, but here are the specs on the project, according to the plans:

Gym and locker area: 30,760 square feet, main floor; 2,995 square feet, mezzanaine
Business area: 4,000 square feet
Day care: 1,500 square feet
Storage: 22,560 square feet
Occupancy: 773


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