Tuesday, October 23, 2012

More ruminations on fast food burgers ... Fuddruckers, anyone?

A juicy burger from Fuddruckers, recently rated No. 5 in a Best Burger survey.
Given the insatiable appetite for news about fast food hamburgers, I did a little digging this morning to see whether I might be missing anything.

You see, I've been intrigued by the re-emergence of a post from October 2011 about In-N-Out Burger, one in which I opined that the Irvine, Calif.-based chain would create excitement in Idaho Falls equal to that which preceded Olive Garden.

I still believe that, but it appears In-N-Out is focused on Texas at the moment, and Texas is a big state. So what are the alternatives?

We already have Five Guys Burgers and Fries, and going by customer satisfaction surveys I'd say we are lucky. Last month, Zagat.com released its annual "America's Best Burgers, Fries, Coffee and More" results and Five Guys ranked Number One. Read about it here: http://blog.zagat.com/2012/09/americas-best-burgers-fries-coffee-and.html.

In-N-Out ranked No. 4, followed by Fuddruckers. I can't imagine Fuddruckers' following is as passionate, but I could be wrong.

Going to its Web site, what I did find interesting is that it has two locations in Boise, not to mention stores in Montana (Billings and Bozeman) and Utah. Could this be Idaho Falls' next great fast food hamburger hope? If I were a betting man, this is a chain I'd put money on.