Saturday, October 6, 2012

Plans filed for $2.7 million remodeling at Idaho Falls Regional Airport

Idaho Falls Regional Airport's terminal is looking at $2.7 million in remodeling and expansion.
The city of Idaho Falls filed plans Tuesday for a $2.7 million terminal remodeling and expansion at Idaho Falls Regional Airport.

The work will involve 47,570 square feet and take place at the northwest end of the terminal and involves an addition to the terminal, TSA baggage screening operations and expansion of the existing commercial aircraft ramp area. The architect for the project is HDR-Insight Architects of Boise, whose contract for the project was approved by the Idaho Falls City Council in April.

In June, the airport administrator, Len Nelson, learned they would be receiving a $1 million grant from the Federal Aviation Administration new snow removal equipment, apron construction and terminal building expansion. Nelson retired in August and has been replaced by Craig H. Davis, who started on Monday.


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