Tuesday, January 1, 2013

BizMojo Idaho Focus: Author Rob Morris

Rob Morris: Teacher/Author
Now that BizMojo Idaho is an Amazon.com affiliate, here's an interesting question: How many of our social media friends have things for sale on Amazon?

I have to be up front about this. If you buy something on Amazon using a link from BizMojoIdaho.com, I receive a commission. Ergo, it is in my interest to post as many links as I can.

With regard to people I know on Amazon, the first person I thought of was Rob Morris, a teacher in Idaho Falls School District 91 and the author of two books about U.S. bomber crews in World War II. I interviewed Rob for the Post Register when he published his first book, Untold Valor: Forgotten Stories of American Bomber Crews over Europe in World War II. His second, The Wild Blue Yonder and Beyond: The 95th Bomb Group in War and Peace, was published last July. He is busy at work on another.

Getting to know Rob since our first encounter has been a real pleasure. Not only do we share a passion for World War II history (and history in general), we also have compatible tastes in music (Beatles, Stones, Who) and a fond feeling for the windier parts of Wyoming.

So, if you have an Amazon gift card from Christmas that you haven't used, maybe you want to get one of Rob's books. If WWII history isn't your thing, I still invite you to check out these links and find out what people have to say about his work.

Untold Valor: http://amzn.to/WcVGYS
The Wild Blue Yonder and Beyond: http://amzn.to/UiYF2j

This is only the beginning, by the way. I am going through all my Facebook friends (hundreds of people) to search their names on Amazon and see if they have anything to feature on this blog. I have no idea what to expect, but I'm hoping to find some interesting stories about people in my own social media corner of the world.