Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Memo: Over 100 Employees to be Laid Off at INL

According to an internal memo obtained and reprinted by KPVI News 6, involuntary separations will begin today at the Idaho National Laboratory and affect 101 employees.

Here is the text of the memo, from Human Resources and Diversity Director Mark Holubar:

Today we will begin the involuntary separation program. The separations will begin today and will affect 101 employees. Managers will be contacting the impacted employees, and the termination process will be completed the same day individual employees are notified.

There were 114 employees who chose to voluntarily self-select to leave INL. This was a higher number than originally anticipated and it helped lessen the impact of this particular involuntary separation. In addition, since the beginning of the fiscal year nearly 60 employees have left the lab through normal attrition and those positions have not been back-filled. Between the voluntary separations, attrition and the involuntary separations, approximately 7 percent of the workforce has been reduced.

We will be watching the budget situation closely in the coming months and hope to have a clearer picture of any additional actions that will be necessary. As Laboratory Director John Grossenbacher said in the recent budget update, we anticipate additional workforce restructuring before the end of this fiscal year. We will update you in that regard on a regular basis. 

Actions such as these are not easy, but they are ultimately necessary. Please give your full support to those individuals who will be affected.