Friday, March 22, 2013

Smith Group plans to move Chevy, Honda dealerships to Sunnyside Road

Excavation work on the land where the Smith Group plans to relocate its Chevrolet and Honda dealerships.
In an update from earlier this week, Stafford Smith, owner of the Smith Group, confirmed Thursday that he plans to move his Chevrolet and Honda dealerships to land he is developing on the south side of Sunnyside Road, near Interstate 15 Exit 116.

Smith has asked the Bonneville County Commission to change the zoning on 19 acres changed from agricultural to commercial. But crews are already digging trenches for the Porter Canal, which flows south from Snake River Landing and needs to be piped under the land before any surface work can start.

Smith said he is racing against the clock. What he is able to do this year depends on whether he can get the canal covered before the water starts flowing. If that happens, they will be able to start grading the land and paving the lots. Smith said he figures he has until around April 15.