Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Construction activity in Idaho Falls off to healthy start for 2013

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Looking at the first three months of building permits issued in the city of Idaho Falls, things are off to a healthy start, with more than $17 million in projects on the rails.

In fact, the number is bigger than the first quarter of 2012, which was slightly more than $2 million in valuation. But when you look at the year-to-date construction number from April last year, $34 million and change, you know the city has a long way to go before it tops 2012.

By the end of the year, the building department recorded $83.5 million in permits, a number bigger than even the pre-crash year of 2007, when $51.4 million in new permits were issued. Of the 2012 total, $58.2 million -- nearly 70 percent -- was commercial construction.

The bump in March 2013 came from one of two new elementary schools in Idaho Falls School District 91. As was the case with Dora Erickson and Ethel Boyes last year, new schools are being started this year to replace Longfellow and Edgemont Elementary.

Beyond that, we'll be keeping tabs on anything new going in, be it Carl's Jr., Panda Express, Scientech, Teton Volkswagen or anything you might dare to hope for.