Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Franz opens Idaho Falls outlet store

The Franz Bakery Outlet store on Anderson Street in Idaho Falls
Franz Family Bakery has taken over the old Hostess/Wonder Bread store at 365 Anderson Street.

Although the Portland-based bakery has been in business for 107 years, it has only recently been making inroads into eastern Idaho. You might be interested to know that the Franz bread and baked goods sold at the outlet store, as well as in local stores and supermarkets, was made in Idaho using Pendleton Mills Flour from Blackfoot.

The store has a gluten-free section and an organic section. "There's a lot more variety," said Marilyn Mills, the manager, who also worked at the Hostess/Wonder Bread store before it closed in November. "We'd like all our old customers to know that the peppered gravy and cheese sauce are back in town," she said.

The store hopes to be set up to accept EBT and food stamps by the beginning of July.

Last of all, here's something you probably didn't know: Though others are credited with creating a bread product to use for the first hamburgers known to the world, E.E. Franz is credited for inventing the hamburger bun in its current worldwide accepted form.