Friday, August 9, 2013

BizMojo Idaho branches out into Instagram

Want your BizMojo Idaho in your Instagram feed? We're ready to give you what you expect from us!
In my relentless quest to embrace all social media -- I eventually hope to learn about 20 percent of what anyone in their 20s probably knows already -- I have turned to Instagram (but I have to admit I've kind of cooled on Twitter).

There are days when all it seems like I'm doing is riding around shooting pictures of construction sites, and I'm not complaining. At a certain point, however, it dawned on me that Instagram might be the natural way to go. You can basically shoot anything that catches your eye -- a squirrel on the lawn, a cat in the windowsill -- and post it to the world as "wild art." Not sure I'm going to get that carried away, but for bread-and-butter construction photos I thought it looked like a natural.

Up top I've posted two shots from yesterday. I invite you to subscribe to BizMojoIdaho on Instagram if this is the kind of thing that turns you on. I am also learning about hashtags. Considering the random way my mind works with free association, I think it could be fun.

Any comments or suggestions I would greatly appreciate. I'm the first to admit I am fumbling my way toward understanding social media. This morning I heard about Vine clips going viral. I want to try that soon, too.