Friday, August 9, 2013

E cigarette store, The Vapor Door, opens on West Broadway

Norm Christensen, owner of The Vapor Door
Norm Christensen has never smoked a day in his life, but three sisters who smoked led him to discover e cigarettes -- tubes that deliver water vapor and nicotine but not all the tar and carcinogens of a Marlboro or Winston.

After a year of looking into it, and seeing his sisters switch, Christensen decided there would be a market for a store selling e cigarettes and e juice. In late July, he opened the Vapor Door at 1733 West Broadway.

"Here in Idaho Falls it's not that big yet," he said. But in three weeks, he has seen people who smoked for 45 years no longer smoking.

In addition to what they sell, the Vapor Room offers free wi-fi, games and a Sunday ping-pong tournament.

For Christensen, it is a switch from the construction he was doing for years. "I wanted to do something that was fun," he said.

Here's the link to the Facebook page:

And for an in-depth look into e cigarettes, here's a link from Thursday's New York Times: