Friday, January 17, 2014

Site plan filed for West Broadway strip mall

The ground where  the strip mall is being proposed is to the right side of the photo, facing Broadway.
If you're wondering where Walker's, Coco Beach, Karanation, etc., may be headed when the shopping center on Skyline Drive is torn down to make way for Walgreen's, a site plan has been filed for a strip mall on West Broadway between Arby's and Los Alberto's.

City departments are reviewing the plans for a 13,650-square-foot structure with an address of 1525 West Broadway (the building to the west, which was originally Kmart then Ernst Home Center, has an address of 1545 West Broadway). The mall will be divided into six units.

A site plan is the first step in any new development. People from different city departments examine the plans to make sure the details are in compliance with the city's codes and regulations. Once the plan is approved, a developer goes before the city planning and zoning commission, which makes a recommendation to the City Council. Once the City Council approves the plat, a building permit is issued and construction can begin.

CORRECTION: Based on conversations with city building officials, we reported in late December that the plan was to build a strip mall on the site where City Floral was. No deal has been made on that land, we learned.