Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Walgreen's files final building plans with city of I.F.

The layout of the new Walgreen's store being built this year on Idaho Falls' west side.
Walgreen's has its building plans filed at the city of Idaho Falls Building Department for the store it plans to build at 635 Skyline Drive.

John Walker, owner of Walker's, said the property owner, Kingston Properties, has told them they have until April 30 to clear out, with demolition to begin the following day. He said the plan is for them to move to a strip mall Kingston is building to the east on Broadway, between Los Albertos and Arby's.

The new Walgreen's, Store No. 15973, according to the plans filed with the building office, will be 14,490 square feet, with most of the room taken up with a general sales area of 10,620 square feet and a 1,220-square-foot pharmacy. Walgreen's has been doing business on Idaho Falls' west side for years in the old Westgate Drug building. The new store will be much like the two it has in Idaho Falls and the one in Ammon.