Friday, September 19, 2014

Paint-your-own pottery studio opens downtown

Mary and Josh Hashagen of Possibly Picasso, the newest business to open downtown.
For a couple who moved to Idaho Falls only in April, Josh and Mary Hashagen have not wasted any time getting their shingle hung out.

Today, at 351 W. Broadway, where the Bookstore on Broadway used to be, the two opened Possibly Picasso, a paint-your-own pottery studio. Mary had been to one in Phoenix and saw the business possibilities. "We wanted a family place for indoor activity," she said.

Making the space appealing took some work, including paint, a sink and a new hardwood floor. Then there was the issue of rewiring the store with a service robust enough to power two kilns without blowing every fuse on the block. Luckily, Josh's trade is construction, so the work could be done "in house." Because Josh's trade is so seasonal, they feel they have the time a small business requires.

A ribbon cutting has been scheduled for Sept. 27. For more information, their Facebook page is