Thursday, February 5, 2015

Netmark.com names new CEO

John Broadbent
Netmark.com, an Idaho Falls-based internet marketing agency, has named John Broadbent its new CEO. Josh Dalton, the former CEO, is maintaining an administrative role for several months to help the transition.

"John was made for this new role,” Dalton said, in a press release. “He's an amazing individual with many extraordinary talents. It's only a matter of time before more people within our industry recognize him as one of its key leaders.”

Broadbent was originally hired in 2012 and was promoted to chief operating officer at the beginning of 2014. His accomplishments at Netmark include improving systems and processes within the company’s marketing, sales and fulfillment areas. He has been involved with Internet marketing since 2006.

Regarding his new position, Broadbent said, “We intend to revive the identity we possessed as a boutique Internet marketing agency and infuse that throughout the current enterprise."