Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Vino Rosso's new owner plans new name, new look

Chuck Chute, who has bought Vino Rosso and is renaming it Black Rock Fine Wine and Craft Beer.
Vino Rosso, a downtown anchor for more than 10 years, will be getting a new name and a new look in the next few weeks.

New owner Chuck Chute, who bought the business from Bret and Sara Scibior, is renaming wine bar Black Rock Fine Wine and Craft Beer. The red and yellow interior will be converted to dark sage and peppercorn grey, and the bar top is being replaced with black basalt.

Although he has lived on both coasts, Chute, 60, has always had a soft spot for eastern Idaho. His uncle came to the area in the 1950s to work on the Palisades Dam project, and his family grew close to Swan Valley’s Kopp family. “Many people on the East Coast want to retire to Florida. I wanted to retire to Idaho,” he said.

An executive for more than 30 years with the Maersk Line, a global shipping company, Chute first checked with the Arthur Berry Co., a business brokerage. to see what was available in Idaho Falls. Vino Rosso was by far the most appealing alternative.

Originally from Contra Costa County, after graduating with a degree in international relations from California State University at Chico he got a taste of the hospitality industry with the Rusty Pelican chain first as a bartender, then as a manager. Although eventually went into international shipping and logistics, Chute says he never forgot the lessons he learned.

While relying on the staff already in place, he plans to be very hands on. He has been immersing himself in the community and learning everything he can about it. "I'm here to be here. This place has to be authentic. It has to represent Idaho Falls,” he said. “We want to make an impression, and we want to make the right impression.”

Vino Rosso has plenty of things going for it already, he said. “We want to take all the best that is already here and optimize it.” That includes more music and food. Since the place has a kitchen, Chute plans to add bar food to what Black Rock will have to offer. He described his concept as “small plates, big flavor, low cost.”