Wednesday, September 30, 2015

DOE cleanup contractors receive six-month extensions

A scene from inside the Advanced Mixed Waste Treatment Project, where transuranic legacy waste is characterized and readied for disposal.
The two contractors taking care of waste cleanup at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Idaho site got six-month extensions this week, amounting to $179 million in work.

Idaho Treatment Group (ITG), which is running the Advanced Mixed Waste Treatment Project, and CH2M-WG Idaho (CWI), which is running the Idaho Cleanup Project, will both remain on the job while DOE moves toward awarding and transitioning to a new ICP Core contract. Both of their contracts had been scheduled to end today. The extension will allow cleanup to continue without interruption as DOE evaluates bid packages for a new cleanup contract.

The CWI contract extension is valued at approximately $114 million, while the ITG extension is valued at approximately $65 million. CWI was first awarded the ICP contract in March 2005, while ITG received the Mixed Waste contract in October 2011.

Under its contract, CWI is responsible for:

  • Treatment and disposal of radioactive waste
  • Retrieval, disposal and other remediation related to buried waste
  • Safe management of spent nuclear fuel
  • Disposition of nuclear materials
  • Environmental remediation activities
  • Sodium bearing waste processing activities

ITG’s contract dictates that it will safely and compliantly:

  • Characterize, certify, package and store transuranic waste offsite disposal
  • Disposition mixed low-level waste at an appropriate treatment and/or disposal facility
  • Retrieve stored waste from the Transuranic Storage Area-Retrieval Enclosure.
  • Complete upgrades to the Waste Treatment Facility