Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Dixie's Diner to celebrate 10th anniversary

Dixie's Diner on Channing Way
Dixie’s Diner will be celebrating its 10th anniversary on Saturday with throwback pricing, including $5 hamburgers and $2 milkshakes. The waitresses will be dressing up '50s style, and of course the music will be what it always is, oldies from the jukebox.

Dixie’s, at 2150 Channing Way, started in 2005 as the 5 & Diner, with the tagline “Food, Fun and Fifties.” The arrangement with the franchising company in Arizona remained in effect until July 2008, when owner Dixie Murphy and her operating business partner Tom Hersh decided they could just as easily operate on their own.

While the food and themed atmosphere have obviously been a hit, Dixie’s has also been an example of corporate citizenship. The meeting room is available to groups as diverse as the East Side Rotary, Idaho Falls Advertising Federation and Alcoholics Anonymous. In the 10 years the diner has been open Dixie’s has donated through fund-raising nights more than $15,000 to local schools, athletic teams, churches and the Tautphaus Park Zoological Society. Hersh has served for more than 13 years on the Idaho Falls Parks and Recreation Commission and the golf advisory board.

“I am am proud of being a local owner of a successful restaurant,” he said.