Monday, February 3, 2020

East Idaho Entrepreneurs: Cody Hellickson, Snake River Solace

NOTE: Each Monday BizMojo Idaho will feature a small business profile from East Idaho Entrepreneurs, Renae Oswald's podcast focused on local people in business. This week's profile is Cody Hellickson of Snake River Solace.


Cody Hellickson
When Cody Hellickson was a kid he never saw himself as an expert in CBD and the hemp plant. His life was challenging with his biological parents and he was adopted by his grandparents and moved to Idaho. His journey of growing up has led him to a business that he is very passionate about and he spends much of his time educating those around him about what he does.

Snake River Solace is one of East Idaho's first CBD companies. Cody provides CBD products by sourcing the main product out of state and then combining it in Idaho with other ingredients for distribution. These products include oral tincture, pet CBD spray, topical ointment, gummies, and tea. Cody is clear to say that all of their products are tested by their Montana lab to assure that no THC is in the product. Cody explained that since the company makes it's own product the cost is controlled as compared to other sources.

“Idaho is so stigmatized by the word cannabis,” Cody says, “CBD is derived from a molecule that is a cannabinoid that can … help the human body or an animal.” He ardently defends that as American's we should have the right to products that will improve the human condition, especially pain, insomnia, anxiety and other ailments that CBD has been known to help.

Cody is very passionate about educating the community and those who don't know or have a bias against CBD. He has dedicated hundreds of hours to learn all he can about cannabis, hemp, and isolated chemicals such as CBD. He's proud to say that his customers receive this expertise when they buy from him. He only sells CBD products and his shop is comfortable and family-friendly.

Due to Federal regulations around selling cannabis products, financing from banks, and even having a business bank account, is not allowed for the type of business Cody has. When he started his business he approached private investors to help him get his vision launched. “They knew me and believed in me,” Cody says. Snake River Solace has two locations in Idaho Falls and Pocatello currently. Just recently he was able to secure the ability to take credit card payments, another limitation put on his industry.

In advising anyone who would be interested in being a business owner he says, “There are going to be a lot of obstacles ... if you feel you have a good idea, have a passion behind that idea, are educated ... do it for the service.”

He has visions to assist the agriculture community when hemp is legal to farm. “It's not about a money factor, it's about a legacy or a history of getting Idaho involved and up with the rest of America,” he explained.

Despite the challenges that having a CBD company has created, Cody said he loves it and wouldn't want to do anything else right now. The future for Cody is represent CBD in Idaho and to be a resource for anyone curious about the product.


For more information on Snake River Solace, visit their website at https://snakeriversolace.com/.