Monday, February 10, 2020

East Idaho Entrepreneurs: Colter Hansen, Arcane Marketing

NOTE: Each Monday BizMojo Idaho will feature a small business profile from East Idaho Entrepreneurs, Renae Oswald's podcast focused on local people in business. This week's profile is Colter Hansen of Arcane Marketing.


Attention to Detail

Colter Hansen
As the CEO of Arcane Marketing, Colter Hansen says he does not leave anything to chance. “Going through the merger of all those companies has been no small task,” Colter says. “We all define success differently, whether in personal or professional lives ... I really like to see my team succeed.”

Colter believes that since they have done the work around roles and responsibilities it has provided needed clarity for leadership and they can provide that structure for their employees to be successful. “It's taking people places, and we want to take them places,” Colter says.

“The entrepreneurial mindset has always been with me,” he says. Colter started a landscape company when he was 16 and also hired employees. “I love seeing a finished product, the deliverable is just so much fun for me.” Seeing the outcome of hard work has always been important to Colter, and he believes that's what drives him to be a good businessman.

Upon returning from a church mission, Colter sought the advice of a successful businessman and asked him what he should do for his career. He said, “It doesn't matter, just create value.” From that, Colter started a real estate career and invested in properties. He was doing this while attending college. During his real estate investing education he loved the practical application of what he was learning. Having early success with investing he was able to form some critical relationships that helped propel him forward in his career.

His career has not been without setbacks. In 2010 he says he got his "Harvard-cost-equivalent" education after a property investment went bad and he lost six-figures-plus. “I'm able to look back at that and understand the due diligence pieces that I missed,” he said. “Not everyone who you talk to and tells you the flowery story has the right flowery story.” This experience taught him to do the absolute best for every client and follow through with what his customers are told.

Being the first international accountant hired out of school to work for Melaleuca provided him the ability to learn how to structure his own personal business from experts. He worked in the corporate world for several years and loved it, but grew tired of the travel and being away from his family. This is what led him to fully branch out on his own, partnering with Ryan Harris in Strategic Social Partners, which is now Arcane Marketing.

Colter's advice for those interested in being business owners is, “Relationships are the priceless piece of life, there's no relationship worth any amount of money to sacrifice,” he said. “The risks are that sometimes things don't go as planned ... we do the absolute best we can. ... There's risk and reward ... as long as you can sleep at night because you were honest with those you dealt with and did your absolute best.”

For more information on Arcane Marketing check out their website at https://www.arcanemarketing.com/. For more information on RizeCon or RizeX, go to their site at https://www.rizex.io/.