Saturday, September 17, 2011

Like me. Follow me. What gives?

What is it that makes social media feel so desperate sometimes? I mean, I feel sort of silly asking people to become my "followers," even though that's what it takes to give this blog the veneer of legitimacy. Likewise on Facebook, I'm imploring hundreds to "Like" me.

When I think about my old Shoptalk column in the paper, I appreciate now the luxury of landing on 20,000 doorsteps every Monday. I didn't have to ask you to let me into your homes. Moreover, you were paying to have it with your Wheaties. All that is changed now.

I'm happy to report that BizMojo Idaho is on Facebook now, thanks in great part to Jared at Novayx. Without him I'd still be rooting around like a blind hog under an oak tree. Now anything I post here will appear on a corresponding FB page, and anyone who has liked my page will automatically see it. Pretty slick.

Checking the stats Saturday morning, I see we've been viewed 277 times (not counting myself) since Sept. 11, when we "went live." BizMojo Idaho now has 20 followers, whom I feel obligated to not disappoint.

Anyway, please, please, pretty please Like us on Facebook. There will be lots of good things to read this week.