Monday, September 5, 2011

Picking up where I left off

I suppose there's a bit of presumption on my part getting back into the saddle, but over the past three years enough of you have told me you miss my writing to make me believe my name is still worth something.

My old approach to the weekly business column was three-pronged: pay attention to what's going on around town (new construction, signs, etc.); answer people's questions, no matter how trivial or far-out they seemed; and keep the tone personal and conversational. That approach worked, and I see no reason to do anything different. The timing will be different, however. Instead of once a week in print, our plan is to update BizMojo Idaho all the time -- online, on your iPhones and Droids, on Facebook and Twitter.

This isn't to say that we have given up on print. Not at all. I still believe that print has a comfort element that appeals to people of all ages. I think of my niece's husband, Stu, who lives in New York City and rides the train to work every day. He's a sports fan, and when it comes to reading the scores and the stories from the previous night's games it's not his phone or his laptop he looks at, it's a newspaper. Yeah, one of those.

So you will be seeing BizMojo Idaho in print (we're not sure where yet), not only because we respect your desire to get ink on your fingers but because we are confident our presence in print will spark your interest in finding us online. Then our sponsors will find value in our product to the point where they will give it continued support, and we will go on to establish a reputation as the leading source of timely business news in eastern Idaho.

I would be remiss at this stage not to credit Novayx Group (www.novayx.com) and Jeff Sayer for their support. Novayx offers customized financial services to businesses, and as a new company it has an interest in getting its name and brand out in front of as many people as possible. Jeff has enough imagination to think that I can help him do that, bless his heart.

Just as in the past, I am open anything you might have to tell me or any questions you have.