Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Areva suspends plans for Idaho uranium enrichment

This is not good news, considering that the $3 billion project was expected to create about 1,000 new jobs over the first two years and 400 permanent jobs. Nevertheless, given the reaction to Fukushima earlier this year and the present state of Europe's economy, only an incredibly optimistic person would be surprised by this.

The bad news for Idaho starts in the sixth paragraph. 



  1. There is a diference between suspend and cancel. Hopefully the EU will stabilize and the project will spin back up as global economies recover. We live in interesting times.

    It is a bummer the ABC News link chose to call it a controversial project. I attended the hearings and didn't find them to be overly contentious. To some journalists, all things nuclear earn that label I suppose.

    Thanks for the coverage Paul.

  2. You're welcome, Mike. Yes, the national media are always going to equate nuclear with controversy, evidence be damned. This has a ring of deja vu to it, as I started 31 years ago in a uranium mining boom town, Jeffrey CIty, Wyo. The year I ran the newspaper, uranium prices fell drastically, due to high interest rates, Three Mile Island and the collapse of WPPSS. Everyone got laid off the year I was there. Weird place to be.

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