Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Idaho Falls Carl's Jr.: The Final Countdown

The day is fast approaching. Mark your calendar for New Year's Eve.
Honestly, I am not working for these guys, but considering the intensity of interest -- no post in the history of BizMojo Idaho has gotten more pageviews -- here is a picture taken this morning of the new Carl's Jr. on 17th Street, due to open Dec. 31.

According to a Twitter post from Monday, "We open New Year's Eve in IDAHO FALLS, Idaho, at 2310 E. 17th St.! Hours are 10am-11pm 12/31 & 1/1, then 6am-11pm daily. Come see us!"
No word on parking lot festivities, but my guess is that things are going to be more low key than the Chick-fil-A opening earlier this month.


  1. The final countdown is DONE! and we open at 10am. Would like to thank all those local contractors who have been working so hard to get us open before the end of the year. I’m sure you seen them working day, night and weekends to get this done. We look forward to being good friends and neighbors. Sincerely, Your local Carl’s Jr. franchisee Clayton Jones

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