Friday, January 13, 2012

Sitting tight until word comes from Costco

Before Christmas we reported that Costco is looking at locations in the Idaho Falls area. That sort of news is BizMojo Idaho's stock in trade, the stuff that keeps people coming back and the kind of story we'd like to break every day.

With January nearly half over, we figured it was time to check in with Brent Wilson of Pentad Properties and ask whether he had any news that might cause mass Pavlovian salivation.

No such luck, but it doesn't mean nothing is happening. Bound by non-disclosure agreeements, Wilson was limited in what he could say except that there are a number of restaurant chains looking at the T.G.I.Friday's location on Hitt Road.

The big question remains Costco, however. Now that the news is out, any company that might be considering a location in Idaho Falls or Ammon is waiting to see what direction the membership warehouse chain makes first. Some sites that might be out of the question now could become very appealing if Costco decides to plop down in the neighborhood.

Such is the psychology of developers. We have no commitment from Costco, true, but the Magic 8 Ball is answering, "Signs point to yes," and that's good enough for them.