Thursday, February 16, 2012

Labor Department report indicates more benefits offered in 2011

There's good news in the first report of 2012 from the Idaho Department of Labor, a survey of fringe benefits offered by employers in 2011.

More employers reported providing medical and dental benefits to their full-time employees, ending a decline that began in 2005 and returning the state estimates to pre-recession levels.

There's plenty to look at in the 49-page report, which can be viewed at http://lmi.idaho.gov/ResearchProjects.aspx

Here are some key points from the executive summary:
  • Employers indicated they were more likely to offer full‐time employees fringe benefits compared with part‐time employees.
  • Bigger companies offer better and more extensive benefit packages.
  • Industry sectors requiring more experience and education continued to offer more benefits than their counterparts in natural resources and mining, leisure and hospitality.
  • Region continued to be a non-factor in determining whether a firm offered any form of fringe benefits to employees.