Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Reader seeks business opportunity; anyone care to help?

In the BizMojo Idaho mailbox this morning:

Mike DeFord <defordrace@gmail.com> wrote:
Good morning Paul. My name is Mike DeFord I have read your site daily for the past 6 months or so, you do a great job. It is one of only three sites that I MUST visit everyday.
The reason for my email is that I have recently walked away from the world of corporate marketing ... I am in a position to start or take over a business here, my problem is that all of the traditional methods that I have used to find business opportunities in the past do not seem to be used by business owners in the Idaho Falls area. Do you have any resources that local business owners are using locally to list, sell their business?
Thank you for the time.

Naturally, I'm flattered by the praise, but now I'm calling on BizMojo Idaho readers to weigh in with any ideas or suggestions they might have. Post them here or send them directly to Mike. I'm very interested in the power of social media as applied to B2B interactions

P.S.: I'm sort of curious what the other two sites were.