Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A sweet surprise from the past

I could sing the praises of Sarah's Candy Cottage for any number of reasons -- the truffle and fudge samples, the dozen-plus different kinds of licorice -- but nothing compares to the excitement I felt last month when I discovered they had Bonomo Turkish Taffy.

"I thought they stopped making this years ago!" I thought, as I loaded up the bucket with the individually wrapped pieces.

Based on my rhapsodizing about the Slurpee in a previous post, you've probably figured out that anything sweet from my childhood is going to get me going pretty good. As many Baby Boomers can attest, Turkish Taffy is probably best remembered for the way we smacked a bar of it in its foil wrapper against a tabletop or sidewalk. Harder than salt water taffy, it could keep you occupied for a while and take a few fillings from you in the bargain.

Turns out it did disappear in the 1980s, after Hershey's bought Bonomo, monkeyed with the formula and renamed it. It was resurrected in 2010 by some fifty-somethings with fond memories. Here's to them, and here's a link to a story than ran in Fortune Magazine: http://features.blogs.fortune.cnn.com/2010/10/27/bonomos-turkish-taffy-returns/