Friday, March 23, 2012

You are not an entrepreneur if ...

Business author Jeff Haden
In the newspaper business, there's an editor who "sorts the wire," which is to say he or she sifts through all the stories from the Associated Press, Reuters or whoever to determine what might be of interest to readers. If a wire story is on Page 1, it's because the editors agreed that it was a winner. If there's a lot of good local news, there will be fewer wire stories out front (unless there's really big national or international news). Likewise, on a slow news day, you'll see more wire.

I've discovered publishing a blog isn't that different. While I want to be on top of every local business development, one thing I do every morning is surf the Web to see if there might be interesting links worth sharing. To keep readers engaged, I have a duty to generate content every day, one way or another. On a slow news day, I go to the Web.

Today's find is a piece by business author Jeff Haden on the traits you ought to look for in yourself before you decide you're an entrepreneur. If you answer yes to any one of these, chances are you'd be better off working for someone else. Before I post the link I'll bullet them, for the sake of the people who always stop reading at "the jump" (another newspaper-ism).

According to Haden, you are not an entrepreneur if:
  • You spend a lot of time personalizing your office.
  • You manage your fantasy teams at work.
  • You never empty your own trash.
  • You are sure you could be a lot more productive if you only had a new (insert hot new tech tool).
  • You can't get over the fact your department got shorted during the last budget cycle. 
  • You passionately discuss work-life balance issues.
  • You sometimes say, "Wait, I've paid my dues."