Thursday, April 26, 2012

Carl's Junior files for certificate of occupancy

We visited the city of Idaho Falls Building Department office Thursday morning to find out whether there was anything new to report. There wasn't anything big, but there were a few things worth relating.

Carl's Jr. filed Wednesday for a certificate of occupancy for its Northgate Mile restaurant. The opening was originally planned for April 16, but there were delays in getting the parking lot finished and engineering the storm water collection system. The restaurant is taking applications.

Teton Pharmacy has filed a site plan and building plan Wednesday for a new building on Jafer Court, south of Bonaventure Senior Living on Hitt Road. The main floor will be 5,350 square feet, the basement about half that size.

Rosemark Women's Care Specialists is looking at moving to a new location, at the corner of Potomac and Fountainbleu. The plat has been recommended for approval by the Idaho Falls Planning and Zoning Commission, and is scheduled to go before the City County at its May 10 meeting.

Last of all, Dr. Slaughter's House of Terror is moving to a new location at 680 First St., next door to Bowl-ero (the old Buttrey Food & Drug, later LifeLink). A sign has already been put up advertising a Friday July 13 opening. Thursday morning we stuck our head in to hear circular saws and hammers (though no chainsaws; that must come later), with plenty of framing already done. The city building officials were very curious to learn of this, since they had seen no permits. We're sure the matter will be resolved to everyone's satisfaction, if it hasn't been resolved already.