Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Celt Pub plans July 28 opening

The scene Wednesday at The Celt Pub, 398 W. Broadway.
Major renovation is going on at The Celt Pub, at the corner of Broadway and Park Avenue, in preparation for its opening this summer. Owner Janice McGeachin said she and her husband, Jim, are planning a July 28 opening.

Upgrading a building so old has its own special challenges and surprises. McGeachin said that cracks in the bricks and a lack of structural support made them decide to rebuild the walls. This necessitated the removal of the old wagon wheel windows, which have gone into storage.

"It actually will look more like the original, but also fit the look of an Irish pub," McGeachin said. "We think the wheels are cool, and want to incorporate them into the interior decor, any ideas?

The Celt's Facebook page can be found at https://www.facebook.com/index.php?lh=224c4949c17b84ab22ae5a180f19f4e4&