Monday, June 18, 2012

New business aims to offer live "Call of Duty" style action

A city skyline silhouette goes up on the wall of Idaho Tactical Games, which opens Friday.
Idaho Tactical Games, 546 W. 21st St., will be holding a grand opening Friday.

Located on West 21st, just off Rollandet Avenue, the business aims to combine the action-packed world of first-person shooter video games like "Call of Duty" with adrenalin pumping, heart pounding physical activity.

Owner Mike DeFord has set up his business in an indoor facility that features the layout of a war-torn city, with buildings, bunkers, oil barrels and fences. Visitors can play paintball, airsoft or a new version of laser tag that uses real paintball guns and is similar to the military’s Laser Engagement System.

No matter which activity they choose, players battle their way through the streets, eliminating members of the other team and completing objectives. Players that work as a team and communicate are usually the winners.

“Team building and sportsmanship are two of our fundamentals here," DeFord said. "We focus on providing an A-plus experience for all players. The facility is designed to entertain new players with little or no experience and challenge veteran players, as well as being the ideal training facility for law enforcement and military personnel.”

The full-service facility includes an indoor playing field, pro shop and snack bar, and is open six days a week. For their grand opening, they are offering free field fees through June 28.

More information is available at http://www.idahotacticalgames.com/Info.html, and the Facebook page is https://www.facebook.com/pages/Idaho-Tactical-Games/462674093759837