Thursday, February 6, 2014

Cardon files plans for new car wash

The building plans at the Idaho Falls Building Department office for Cardon's new car wash.
Matt Cardon, owner of Cardon's Car Wash and Lube on First Street, has filed building plans with the city of Idaho Falls to develop a 4,483-square-foot tunnel car wash on the lot at Holmes Avenue and North Yellowstone where the Bank of Commerce used to have its offices.

Last summer, Cardon received variances that reduced the width of landscaping strips and setbacks on the Northgate Mile and Holmes sides of the lot (also bordered by Poulson and Payne Streets).

Cardon had filed a site development plan in late. No zoning change was required (the lot is zoned Highway/Commercial-1), which meant that he has had a green light since then to proceed with a formal site plan, building plans and a permit.


  1. Some mixed feelings about this one given how the owner wouldn't honor passes for washes that had been sold. Maybe he'll remember those who kept the 1st St. location open from their business over years.

    Maybe he plans to transfer those passes to be redeemed at this new location?!

    Otherwise, it seems like a good location for this business.

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  3. So he sold one failing business to start another? Must have deep pockets, or maybe a wealthy family member? People stopped going to the location on First Street because the service and quality was terrible.

    1. What "service" on First Street? All I know who had prepaid passes for washes were refused the goods previously purchased.