Thursday, May 3, 2012

Don't waste your marketing dollars on social media

There's nothing like a good headline to get someone's attention, and when I saw "Don't waste your marketing dollars on social media," I knew I had to read the story.

The post, by Joshua Moser on the My Super Marketer Web site, is not suggesting that social media is a waste, only that a lot of people have a wrong or inflated idea of what it can do for them.

I'll give you his bullet points, but if you're interested in this I suggest you read both the blog entry and the comments that follow,

  • Define your audience.
  • Make a compelling offer to capture their attention.
  • Collect the right amount data and usable customer feedback.
  • Take it beyond Facebook into a cost effective nurture marketing process.
  • Test. Analyze. Refine. Repeat.
On the whole, the site looks like it has a lot of good information and writing on it. Here's the link: