Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A few facts about the Idaho Falls Regional Airport

This is kind of in the "Hey, did you know?" department. I'm looking into the economic impact of the Idaho Falls Regional Airport, and found these facts and numbers in the 2010 Idaho Airport System Plan.
  • IFRA is the third largest airport in the state, behind Boise's Gowen Field and Hailey's Friedman Memorial.
  • Total Employment: 1,269
  • Total Payroll: $31.5 million
  • Total Economic Output: $103.1 million
On the historical side of things (which I love) here are a few things worth noting:
  • The airport first got its operating license in 1938, after the first hangar, administration building and tower -- all made of hand-hewn white pine -- were built by the Works Project Administration.
  • The airport as we know it was laid out by H.P. "Pete" Hill, who was appointed manager in 1953. Hill, who died in 1999, was the son of an aviation pioneer and had a flying license that was signed by Orville Wright.