Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Five Wives couldn't have bought better publicity

T-shirts and hoodies are now for sale. Go figure.
Who's going to be picking up a bottle of Five Wives vodka on their next trip to Wyoming or Utah? I don't think the Ogden company that makes this stuff could have bought better publicity than what it's been given by the Idaho State Liquor Division.

Also, you can now buy a "Free the Five Wives" T-shirt or hoodie: I predict we'll be seeing a few of these, maybe in time for the Beer Fest, which is this Saturday.

Exit question: How ironic would it have been if Five Wives were made at the Rigby distillery that makes the tastefully named Teton Glacier and Blue Ice brands?

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  1. Ironic, but not likely. Being a Mormon non-drinker, I really admire Bill and the other good people in Rigby that you mentioned for the way they run their business even if I am not a customer. I live near the distillery and find them to be great neighbors and friends. They succeed with class, and from what I understand, superior quality instead of gimmick and comedy at the expense of others. Agreed, the ISLD people could have handled the situation better. My guess is that they will give in to the media pressure and put the product on the shelves. If they do, let's watch my friends' brands continue to sell and the Five Wives brand fade away as quickly as they became famous. Won't this sort of prove the ISLD decision to be correct?