Thursday, June 6, 2013

California baby wrap company moves inventory to Idaho Falls warehouse

A mom with her baby in a Moby Wrap
Visiting last weekend with Lynn Pletscher at Lyn's in downtown Idaho Falls, we learned that Moby Wrap, Inc., a Chico, Calif., company that makes baby carriers, has moved its inventory to the Elevate Fulfillment warehouse in Idaho Falls.

Lyn's carries Moby Wraps, which is why Pletscher was privy to a company email bearing the news.

"With this move, we anticipate improved efficiency and accuracy, as well as a continuation of our famously quick order turnaround," it said. "As we settle in, there may be brief delays in shipping Moby Wrap and Lassig orders. We apologize for any inconvenience that may occur over the next couple of weeks."

Although our efforts to reach the company's owners have been stuck in phone tag limbo, we learned that the company is using Elevate Fulfillment, which has its warehouse at 795 Lindsay Boulevard. The company handles warehousing and shipping for a number of smaller companies. Its Web site can be found here: